Sunday, April 19, 2009

Just Another Day....

Does this ever happen to you?

I cook like this too.....don't you?

Ruby's Photography Debut

Yes....Ruby really took these pictures

Kaua'i Vacation

Cool caves in Kaua'i
Doug & I went on our first vacation togther since we visited the Big Island for the first time (five years ago I think). Of course we took Jane with us which was great to have some one-on-one bonding time with her. Kaua'i was absolutely beautiful! We decided it is our first choice quick get-away from now on.
This is gorgeous Waimea Canyon

Kaua'i has some of the most accessible waterfalls than any of the other islands I've been to. This one is taller than Niagara, but obviously has a tad less water flowing. Pretty impressive still.

Doug on the rope swing in Kauai. Yes, I was sitting on top of the waterfall holding Jane and taking the give me some slack.

Jane smiling in Kaua'i. If you can't tell, we just LOVED Kaua'i. The place we stayed was absolutely gorgeous. Even better, it cost the same as one room at the Marriott, but it had a full kitchen decked with a subzero and Wolf appliances; one bed, 2 bath condo...with waterslides in the was awesome!!!!

Jane's Blessing Day

Grandma Jones is a beautiful seamstress and made this beautiful blessing dress that all the grandaughters have worn.

Doug gave Jane a beautiful blessing. He blessed her with compassion for others and great faith.

February-Jane's Birth Month!

Jane loves the water...I swear!

We celebrated JR & Grandma Milberg's birthday a month late with all the commotion of a new baby! JR's favorite gift was his new ukulele (for those of you not exposed to Hawaiian culture it's pronounced: oocoo-lei-lei not uke-oo-lei-lee)

"I'm so glad when Daddy comes home," is the song Ruby sings everyday (of course I'm singing it in my heart too:)) Jane can't quite sing yet, but her cooing is sure cute!!

Sunday, February 22, 2009

If you didn't or have not yet received our valentine, here it is. Please note that if you don't receive it, it isn't because we don't love you, but rather because we don't have your address so please send it to us! And....Yes, this picture was taken a few weeks before Jane was born so I am nice and pregnant:).
Here is our most recent family picture that was taken just before Jane came. JR (14) in the middle JD (17) on the right and Kehau (12) in front, Ruby (2.5) in the middle. Yes we have 3 amazing teenagers that keep us so busy. They have changed our lives forever and we can not imagine our life without them. JD is a senior and is applying to UH Hilo for college, JR is an amazing rugby player and Kehau has a lethal brown belt. All 3 are the most amazing hula dancers...not tourist hula but real Hawaiian hula, and yes there is a huge difference. Ruby is one amazing child, at 2 she knows how to spell her name, knows her phone #, knows every primary song, can read (has memorized) her favorite books and is starting to sound out basic words. She is the most obedient little 2 year old and picks up everything she hears. She can quote, nemo, little mermaid, and her favorite, enchanted. She loves her new baby sister and is adjusting quite well to the new addition.